Severe Diet And Its Effects On Menstrual Cycle

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With the increasing social pressures on girls to display same best and the least possible weight, moving many girls and women as well to follow strict diets food and random, but all have a price, and this time these girls pay a price for their fertility agility!
Says Sarah, “When I was seventeen years old, you follow strict diets and lost nearly half my weight, but in the same year I stopped menstruating, and now I am aged 26 years and having gained weight and became part of the amended still suffer from menstrual disorders.”
This absence of the menstrual cycle, known medically as amenorrhea is classified into two types: basic menopause, and menopause secondary. Menopause refers to the basic absence of a menstrual period until the age of 16 years. While menopause occurs when the secondary facing women such as Sarah normal menses earlier, but he stops for a period ranging from three to six months or more.
Everything from stress to drugs to tumors of the pituitary gland can lead to interruption of the secondary cycle, but if you stop the session after starting a strict weight loss plan, you may be diet and / or excessive physical exercise reason.

Severe Diet And Its Effects On Menstrual Cycle

Severe Diet And Its Effects On Menstrual Cycle

Stop the menstrual cycle is not a good gift.
Says endocrinologist and infertility, Dr. specialist Li Kao, “in a lot of times, people take healthy lifestyles extremism, they say we do not eat this and eat that .. etc.. But instead of looking at food, ironically, you should know that each food usefulness health, the problem lies not in the food but the quantity, and the followers of a healthy life balance in everything. ”
While it may seem the absence of the menstrual cycle regular scenario attractive to some women (even some companies, birth control pills such as Seasonique markets itself as capable of reducing the cycle to four times a year only), but the stop or stop the menstrual

cycle has the results of health consequences on women .
The potential consequences of the cessation of the session on fertility.
Dr. Kao says, “in the short term, if we stop talking about for two months, you will not be affected by breeding a lot.”
In any case, if the girls follow a very strict diet, even in the short term can stop the menstrual cycle can cause health problems such as imbalance of electrolytes, weak electrical reproductive system.Shows the infertility specialist, “In the long run, if the drop for three to six months, the ovaries stop working regularly.” He added, “Secondly, these women have low levels of estrogen because Mbaeidahn does not produce estrogen. And without the appropriate levels of the hormone, will appear in women symptoms of menopause such as permanent difficulty sleeping, night sweats, etc..”
The menstrual cycle stops threatening bone density.
More symptoms of the bad that can affect women who suffer from the cessation of the menstrual cycle, is the loss of calcium. Dr. Kao says, “the women are more calcium in their bones from the age of 25 to 30, which is an important period for the storage of calcium. Then
Until the age of Angzaa session lasting help to balance the loss of estrogen and calcium storage. Regularly without the production of estrogen from the ovaries, can the amount of calcium to fall heavily after the session stopped for a period of six months or more. If there is an imbalance of hormones will develop electrolytes electrical imbalance as well, not to be enough to sunlight, diet strict no dairy products, smoking, put girls and women at greater risk of injury osteoporosis, a condition long-term has no obvious symptoms. ”
However, do not suffer every woman begins by following a healthy diet to reduce the weight of the serious effects of the cessation of the menstrual cycle, those who may suffer from eating disorders should seek medical assistance immediately. You need to visit the dietitian for the healthy and balanced diet helps you lose weight without losing the balance of hormones in your body.

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